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Passion Fruit - Passiflora edulis

Name - Passion Fruit/Passion Fruit
Family - Passifloraceae
Genus - Passiflora

Passion fruit plant  is a vine plant which needs support to climb on. The plant grows easily without much care and attention.

 The fruits are either yellow or purple in color when they are fully ripen.The juicy interior of the passion fruit contains a tasty pulp with lot of seeds. Health benefits of passion fruits are numerous. Nowadays it is cultivated in many countries.

How to grow passion fruit

One of the easiest method to grow passion fruit is to grow from seeds. In my case I have collected the ripen fruits from one of my friends passion fruit plant. The fruit should be fully ripen. There are plenty of seeds in every fruit. Collect those seeds and put it under soil in a pot. The fact is that even though you through the fruit/seed away it will grow its own without much care. The photo provided here is a passion fruit plant which climbed on a tree. Nobody had planted it there but somehow the seed came there and grew !

Passiflora Edulis
Passion Fruit Plant and Fruits
                     The plant will sprout after around one week. When the plant grows up to 15 -20 centimeters you can replant it . The ideal place to plant the passion fruit is near to a fence or a small tree where the plant can climb. Why I am a suggesting a 'small' tree and not a 'big tree is that if the passion fruit plant climbs on a big tree you wont be able to pluck the ripen fruits easily and may have to wait till the fruit falls on earth which is not a good idea !

                     Even though passion fruit plant does not need extra care it is advisable to water it properly especially in first one month after planting. You can see a Purple Passion Fruit plant growing / climbing on a plastic net in the below video.


                                                           Passion fruit seedlings

passion fruit saplings
Passion fruit seedlings

                       The below picture shows passion fruits in growing stage

Passiflora Edulis
Passion fruits in growing stage

How to make passion fruit juice ( Video )

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