Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Clove Bean - Ipomoea Muricata

Name : Clove Bean
Scientific Name : Ipomoea Muricata
Family  :  Convolvulaceae

                  Clove bean is vine plant which gives crops throughout the year. In Kerala where it is pretty common it is called 'Nithya Vazhuthana' / Nithyavazhuthina നിത്യ വഴുതന which means that it provides the crop always throughout the year. The fruits which look like a bulb is used for cooking.

                          This plant can grow without having much care and attention. It will even grow in partial sunlight. The fruits are very small and a large number of fruits grow on the plant. It starts flowering by around 50 days after planting. The plant is grown from the seeds inside the fruit itself.The fruits can be used for cooking very tasty and nutritious dishes.

Clove bean harvesting ( Video)

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  1. Hello!

    Would you happen to know where I can purchase the seeds?

    Thank you!

    1. I live in the United States, and I bought the seeds from an Ebay seller from Kerala. This plant grows well and aggressively with little care.

  2. I couldn't refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written! gmail email login

  3. I am growing this unusual vegetable in Norman, Oklahoma, U.S.A. i got the seeds from an Ebay seller from India. It grows aggressively. I find that the Clove beans have a white sap in the stem when cut. Is this normal?

    1. Thanks. So I can saute them and enjoy them. Generally, the milky white sap is from poisonous plants. Hence I was worried. I am 80 now, and I ate the Mookuthikkai curry when I was six, in my grand ma's house in Angarai village (Trichy district). After years of trying, I was able to get the seeds only in April, 2017. Thank you for your response.
      Most gratefully.
      Ananth Sundararajan

    2. Based upon my personal experience, I am sure that this vegetable is toxic to some individuals. So please try a small quantity to make sure it agrees with you. After eating some sauteed clove beans, my wife felt giddy and nauseated. She felt a bit better after she vomited what she had eaten. I also felt slightly giddy and had an upset stomach. I had to take some antacid and anti-gas tablets quickly. I am destroying the clove beans in my backyard garden. Dr. Ananth Sundararajan, Norman, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

  4. Is there anywhere I can buy seeds for this plant in Chennai? It would be most appreciated to get some pointers to that!

  5. I live in massechusettes USA and was wondering if you know of any current sources for clove bean seed or if you would be willing to share or sell some to me?


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