Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Caryota urens - Wine palm - Toddy palm - Jaggery palm

Name  : Caryota Urens
Family : Arecaceae
Genus  : Caryota

 Caryota Urens or Solitary fishtail palm is a palm which grows very tall.It is common in India, Sri Lanka and some other Asian countries.
  An alcoholic drink  is produced from this palm by fermenting the sap tapped from the inflorescence.In Kerala (a state in South India) the drink is sold through shops called 'Toddy Shops'.

 Fibers can be produced from the leaves which can be used to make baskets, brushes etc. The big leaves are a major food given to elephants.
 It usually grows up to 15 to 20 meters.It is not preferred as an indoor plant as it grows very tall.

Other Names : Wine Palm, Toddy Palm, Jaggery Palm

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