Thursday, September 14, 2017

Costus Igneus - Insulin Plant - Medicinal plant for diabetes treatment

Name - Costus Igneus - Insulin Plant - Spiral Flag
Family - Costaceae

In India Costus Igneus is also called Insulin Plant . It is treated in Ayurveda as a natural remedy for diabetes, hence the name Insulin Plant.

It is a perennial plant. It usually grows around two feet tall. The leaves are spirally arranged and fleshy looking. The plant spreads quiet fast without much care. It grows very fast. Though it needs sunlight it can grow in partly shady areas also.

In south India it is used in the treatment of diabetes. Mostly the leaves are used in diabetes treatment. There are many reports of the usage of this herb reduce blood glucose level. There are many other medicinal uses too.

This herb is cultivated in certain areas for its root. It can be grown as an ornamental plant too.


  1. I read about this insulin plant somewhere else too. God is so merciful He gave us natural cures for almost many diseases. I hope this plant gets common so everyone can be treated by Ayurveda.

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  3. Where can I get this insulin plant,ple please give me details.

  4. can we find this in the Philippines?

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