Monday, February 4, 2013

Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant - Adhatoda beddome - Vasaka - Adalodakam - Malabar Nut - Justicia adhatoda

Names - Adhatoda beddome -  Vasaka - Adalodakam - Malabar Nut - Adusa - Justicia adhatoda
Family - Acanthaceae                   

Adhatoda beddome is an ayurvedic medicinal plant which is used to cure different type of diseases. It is an ayurvedic medicine for diseases such as cough, asthma, vomiting, mouth diseases, fever, bronchitis etc. I had seen people giving the omelette which contains egg mixed with adhatoda beddome leaves to children having fever and cough.

These plants are mainly seen in Southeast Asia. The plant may grow up to 2 - 4 meters.The leaves, seeds , roots and flowers can be used as medicine. The plant can be cultivated by using either the seed or stem. The stem of the plant is pretty soft.

There are basically two type of plants - Adhatoda beddomei Clark ( Small Vasaka ) & Adhatoda Vasica Nees ( Big Vasaka ).

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