Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cocoa Tree – Cacao Tree – Theobroma Cacao

The cocoa fruits are used to make chocolate and cocoa powder. There are mainly two types of cocoa fruits. First one - outside of the fruits are green in color and will turn yellowish once ripen. Second one - outside of the fruits are violet in color and will turn yellowish once ripen.

Cocoa bean

Cocoa bean lies inside the cocoa pod. It is taken outside, dried and powdered. It is a major ingredient of chocolates and some food items.

The harvesting can be done almost throughout the year. The ripen fruits are plucked and the beans can be taken by breaking the pod. (See the below video) . Usually the farmers will dry the beans and sell it to the farmers.

Africa is the leader in cocoa production.The world's largest cocoa producing country is Ivory Coast and Ghana is the second.

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  1. Hello. I am in the chocolate business and work with cacao growers all over the world. Blue cacao pods are not common and I have been working to log their locations as well as cultivate more of them in several regions. Can you tell me where these came from? Do you have anyone that I could contact about this?