Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Clove Bean - Ipomoea Muricata

Name : Clove Bean
Scientific Name : Ipomoea Muricata
Family  :  Convolvulaceae

                  Clove bean is vine plant which gives crops throughout the year. In Kerala where it is pretty common it is called 'Nithya Vazhuthana' / Nithyavazhuthina നിത്യ വഴുതന which means that it provides the crop always throughout the year. The fruits which look like a bulb is used for cooking.

                          This plant can grow without having much care and attention. It will even grow in partial sunlight. The fruits are very small and a large number of fruits grow on the plant. It starts flowering by around 50 days after planting. The plant is grown from the seeds inside the fruit itself.The fruits can be used for cooking very tasty and nutritious dishes.

Clove bean harvesting ( Video)

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